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Ravi Shankar (Client ID DR0797) commented on 14 Feb 2015, 01:17 PM


Inspite of downloading the app from the new link which was provided by the support team and the support team enabling my id at the backend, am not even able to place the order.
Instead i am getting the replies like , use the Z5 on the mobile.I cant install trading platforms on my desktop as its against my organizattion’s policy.
I dont even have access to zerodha web on my desktop.
Since the time there was an upgrade to the normal windows trading platform, I have been facing issues with mobile app and have been continuously reporting them. Now when the app is a bit stable, this unstability issue with the Android 5 version.
I have been clearly mentioning issues as well like what and all the issues i have been facing with the app.
Please let me place orders atleast on the app. Fix the app for android 5 and release it ASAP.
Support people have been saying to stay with patience and that patience levels are getting broken now.
Please dont get me wrong. Am not offending anyone and i know the pain to fix the issues / bugs since i as well work in the IT industry. But taking this much of time and still no improvement doesn’t fare well.
Please understand and fix the mobile app for android 5 ASAP. Else release a new app apart from nest trader (which is very very old and not good). Please consider your clients who do trading on the mobile apps.

Thank you very much for understanding

Hoping for some actions in place soon

Ravi Shankar

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