Comment on BTST/ATST( Buy/Acquire Today Sell tomorrow)

K. Lahon commented on 13 Feb 2015, 10:39 PM

Hi Nithin,

I have got one confusion relating to CNC product.

On 9th Feb,2015, bought 508 qty of share at Rs.16.57 under CNC (got delivery of the same).
On 13th Feb,2015 ,at 11 A.M, sold entire 508 qty at Rs. 16.80. under CNC (gaining profit) .
Again, on 13th Feb,2015 at 1 P.M , bought 510 qty shares of the same stock at Rs. 17.10 under MIS product, later converted to CNC for geting delivery of the same.

Now, my understanding is ,
1. I should have gained profit from the first transaction done on 13th Feb, 2015. ( as it is a squared off position of 508 shares which I was already holding)
2. As a consequence of second transaction, I should have been ended up taking delivery of 510 shares.

But, as per contract note received, calculation is done in this way,
(510 * 17.10) – (508*16.80) = -186.60 (loss)

I didn’t understand why the second transaction has been considered as squared off position of the first transaction.
May be I am missing something Or my understanding is not correct.
Please clarify.


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