Comment on Z5 - Intro to our HTML5 Trading Platform

Venkatesh V commented on 06 Feb 2015, 01:33 PM

Dear Nitin,

All i could say is just awesome..this is what i’m longing for….

honestly speaking…you should have released kite prior to PI…believe me it would be the best steal !!!!!!

Can you share me some more screens like Dashboard, bid/ask window, orderbook, tradebook, position book, market watch etc?

further also pls confirm my understanding.

1) i guess it supports multiple watch list’s right?
2) is that this platform is your own in house product? or still joint venture with your data feed provider
3) how is fast is the data streaming? faster than Z5?
4) Could work with behind proxy?
5) could work on slower internet? i mean typical 2G data say?
6) could it be mobile compatible as well (size matching to typical 5.5 inch smartphones?
7) Can configure Relatime Alerts, Alert to my mobile or alert to my email or alert on my device if i’m running kite on my smart phone?
8) pls consider application logout time, decided by user like PI, its painful to get logging in again and again if app gets logged out automatically like present.

Last but not least, when can i expect a beta access for Kite.


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