Comment on Taxation for Traders - Introduction

Nithin Kamath commented on 25 Jun 2013, 03:58 AM


Firstly sorry about the vague reply, it was a long monday, so my bad. 🙂

Getting back to turnover,

I didn’t realize I had posted something earlier which was misleading, will correct it. While calculating delivery based turnover, you have to consider the entire purchase value and the entire selling value. If you haven’t sold the stock, for turnover consider the purchase value and no selling value.

For equity P&L, can you shoot an email to [email protected] and also keep [email protected] in cc. We were having some issue with displaying it on BO, but we can have a pdf mailed to you immediately.

3rd point, disregard it, I don’t know how I wrote that. Sorry about that. For turnover you shouldn’t add expenses( either internet, utilities and others or brokerage, STT etc). Expenses needs to be used to determine your profitability and not turnover.


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