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srinivas85 commented on 20 Jun 2013, 01:55 PM


Just I gave example based on 5808 but that price is current trading price at that time
Initially I will buy 1lot at current trading price and if it is going up then it is fine else if it is going down below one point then sell 2lots( is for covering and another one is fresh order).
After sell order is executed,if it is going up one point then I will place buy 2 lots and this process will repeat till end of the day.

How to mention the quantity of both buy and sell orders while placing the script.

Buy Alert Expression: CLOSE > 5808(i.e. currently trading price at that time)
Buy Exit Alert Expression: 0
Sell Alert Expression: CLOSE < 5807(i.e. currently trading price at that time
Sell Exit Alert Expression: 0
As I am new to scripting,please tell me detailed steps including placing script,backtesting and live .

Thanks in advance

Awaiting your response

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