Comment on ZT-Spread Orders

Mk commented on 02 Feb 2015, 05:30 AM

Brokerage Calculation
Hi Nithin I am trying to calculate brokerage via your website calculator
For example 1 NIfty Futures contract
My question is in Qty column should I put 1? or some other no?
Simple logic makes me think If I am trading 1x NIFTY futures contract , it should be 1! but I hear people talk about something called lot size of 50?
(I understand lot size for a standard Option contract ( like in US = 100 shares = 1 option contract, etc) But with NSE OR BSE Futures contract what this LOT size has to do with anything? Why is it so convoluted!
Why not just call it 1 contract = Contract value x Rs xxx per tick simple
Am I assuming wrong things?
Very confusing

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