Comment on Pi - Final Beta Release

Vivek S commented on 31 Jan 2015, 07:48 PM

Hi Nithin,

This post is not to counter any thoughts posted by Nishith Bhatt, however I would like to state here that there are a whole bunch of groups on Whatsapp and Facebook which should serve the purpose for the ones who are interested. You may want to create a chat tool however it should be a separate entity for anyone and everyone to use and also create an integrator to attach it to Pi (in case anyone wants it integrated in the trading software). Those who would like to have that in their trading software will add it through that integrator (just like Pi – Ami Bridge), and the rest can continue to trade on Pi in its current form and avoid the risk of making the application more resource hungry.

Although this is just my thought on the chat tool, however I would like to stress on a point which Nishith mentioned in his post above. We should have a news tool in the software which should guide and prompt the trader for various frequency and time based data that are released each week in all exchanges and segments (Equity, Commodities, Currencies). This will help a trader to be aware of whats in store for the day and plan the trades accordingly. Also, if this facility can be taken a step further, the daily popup prompt could add results for various companies to be released each day. This way it becomes a one stop destination for all news and actions that are in store for the day and in near future. This could be acting like an RSS feed or a separate tool designed and integrated within Pi.

Currently, lot of traders (especially commodities and currency traders) refer to many websites on the internet to refer to news and prices on global currencies and commodities. If the above suggestion can be worked out, I believe this would further add to the already existing ammunition in Pi to be a game changer, way ahead of its competition and Indian stock market industry.


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