Comment on Zerodha Insider Tool - To help you spot trading opportunities

anna commented on 31 Jan 2015, 04:30 PM

How often inside trading data is updated. I suggest it should be updated at least once in 24 hours. For example insider trading data for ITC ltd as on 31 Jan 14 is updated only till 29 Dec 14 where as two announcements each has been made on 30 Jan and 31 Jan.

Also, following data (available in Form D) may be included for better appreciation of inside activity:

(a) Avergae price may be dipslayed instead of worth (can be calculated by worth/ qty).
(b) Execution date in addition to declaration date.
(c) Qty balance with concenred individual.

Incorporation of above suggestions would improve usability of this data and link for individul stocks can be given directly from q for stocks held in protfolio.

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