Comment on Pi Bridge for Amibroker

CHOKS commented on 31 Jan 2015, 11:50 AM

Those who want to fetch data from Nest Trader to Amibroker, can download the file from the link below.
It ‘s not the new thing, it’s already available in internet..under the name Josh utility …
But I modified certain code for better performance and user interface…
There are Two Method,s
1. using excel VBA and Amibroker Com Object…
2.Using Amibroker Dll Plugin and Excel as a DDE server..

I uploaded the first method Only to Just get started with…
First method uses little bit more resources than second one..
Second Method is very straight forward & Use very little Resource and Faster than 1st method..
(U’ll definitely like the second, one when u use)

//—To Whom—–\\
Those who New to Amibroker and Coding…
and want to test their Buy/Sell Logic and coding…before subscribing to data from vendors…
Who want to familiarize themselves with Amibroker Charting…
And For Those Who not in position to Subscribe to Data….

I supports all exchanges..
U only need to add symbol and select Exchange and select contract month(if Futures)..
Symbol ‘ll be automatically add to Amibroker
No Need to Manually Create any Database in Amibroker…
The Amibroker symbol format is Equivalent to Nest Traders TradeSymbol..So U don’t need any symbol mapper or manually enter symbol name in the AFL …
Supports Multiple strategy…..
Data updates instantaneously…
For NSE stocks , Quote’s ‘ll be fetched only from 09:15:00 till 15:30:00..
For MCX , Quote’s ‘ll be fetched only from 10:00:00 till 23:55:00..
U’ll not find any irrelevant quotes in the Database
Starting and closing of the Amibroker from the Excel itself…
Databases’ll be Automatically Backup-ed with Date & time…When U close Excel file..
Data Speed More or Less matches with RT data provided by most of the vendors…
and many more

It don’t have back fill…means if ur Net disconnected for 30Min.. there’ll be no Quote for that 30 Min…
or if U just sit for Trading at 1100Am… U’ll get quotes only from 1100am..Better sit 10min before Market starts…
(this is the Main Difference between this and the commercial RT Data…For NSE EQ, U Can fill that 30 Min with Google API)
It’s not substitute for RT data provided by commercial vendors…
(Of course, if U r satisfied with this U no need to Subscribe for RT Data)

//—Tested in—\\
Windows 7
MS office 2007
32Bit OS
Nest Trader 3.11.2
Amibroker 5.7.2

To fetch Data always do
1. First open Nest Trader and log in and Let it fully load
2.Second Open the Excel File (Amibroker ‘ll be Opened From Excel)
If U opened Excel 1st and then Nest Trader..the RTD Function’ll not work


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