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Mitch commented on 15 Jun 2013, 05:49 PM


I have made some changes to the code its somewhat working but i want to make some changes

For eg. as per our code buy when william % is greater than 80 and heikin ashi green candle and vice versa

Problem with that is even if william % is coming down and if green candle is there it will trigger buy, so what i want here is buy should only happen when william % is crossing -80 from that is like from 100 to 90 to 80 rather than while falling.

Same with sell expression i want to short only when william % is crossing -20 from higher up that and not when it reaches from bottom.

Also here in the code we are checking for close green candle, but what i want is that buy should happen when current candle is turing green (rather than waiting to close in green) and william % is crossing -80 towards upside.

Exit Expression

In buy exit expression i want to exit when william % is falling with red candle and same with sell exit expression i want to exit when william % is rising with green candle.

I am sorry its long thing and i hope i am clear putting it here. Your help will be really appreciated.

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