Comment on Transfer funds into your trading account

Madan commented on 31 Jan 2015, 12:10 AM

I truly appreciate your efforts towards your clients and support. But what’s the point when you don’t keep up a team as good as you are.

Your support team only gives excuses not solutions for customers. Take issues for RMS updates, fund settlements, system down or poor performances. Every time i reach out to support i only get an excuse. There wasn’t a single week In 3 months of my experience with Zerodha that was atleast better.

Two weeks back i reached out for fund settlements issue. I have exclusively opened an HDFC a/c to have my funds settled quicker. But the result i still get the funds settled only the next day when i put in an withdrawal request.My service ticket #416431 which is extension to an issue pointed out 2 weeks back. Appreciate if you can justify for delayed settlements again and again

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