Comment on Managing your Script

srinivas85 commented on 15 Jun 2013, 10:05 AM

Hi Team,

I want to write a strategy using scripts based on below details

suppose Nifty is trading at 5808

I want to buy 100 shares at 5808 and do not want to sell if it is going towards up.
whenever it is going down,I want to sell 200shares at 5807.

If it is going to up 5808 again,I want to buy 200 shares and sell 200shares whenever it is down at 5807 and repeat the same process till end of the day.

Can we do this strategy using this scripts or not?

As I was busy office work,I will place this strategy morning and see the output of this strategy end of the day.

I hope that we can do this strategy using scripts.
I just want to follow above simple steps and please write the strategy and send it to me.

Please feel free to contact my number 9916172221 if you need any clarifications on the above strategy.

Thanks in advance.


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