Comment on Quant - Market Trends

raj commented on 30 Jan 2015, 11:02 AM

Nithin ji , bit out of the track for this discussion room may be, but I need to discuss so writhing here only. After quite a long observation of technical and fundamental of the market I started trading on paper and real time also and standing on the result like “gained less and lose more” kind of situation and definitely I admitted already to myself that whatever I lost due to my fault only. I am still whole heartedly with the market. Now my question is not that, I guess I am now shifted in the category like having more fear than the greed, I reduced my profit taking target drastically becoz of fear even my analysis getting right now a days to a good percentages. I want to share with you , I have come across with some set of Indicators which is giving good percentage of results what I am observing now , but I m afraid to take position most of the time , If I m taking position and exiting well before target. Basically I m fully Intraday trader. Please suggest some solution if any with you, or even some book on it that i can make up my mind to have a make over to my trading style. Thank you for your platform , I m a ZERODHA trader forever.

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