Comment on ZT-Spread Orders

Nithin Kamath commented on 29 Jan 2015, 01:47 PM

1. Mk, my bad, I will change what I wrote earlier. The contract note will show it as two separate trades, buying Jan fut, selling Feb fut. So all your charges will be as if you had placed two separate trades.
2. The thing with single click spread trading is, it is an IOC order and hence if the spread is not available it gets cancelled. I think it is better to place the 2 legs separately.
3. It can be, but there is no one offering historical charts for Spreads. On our new trading platform Pi, we are trying to do this.
4. Yes
5. Yes, but it is slightly more complex and expensive. NRI’s will have to first open what is called a custodian account, and then trade using that.

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