Comment on Amibroker - ZT Plugin Pricing

MKJ commented on 27 Jan 2015, 01:34 PM

HI I use Investar to do T.A. , I want to directly,manually place a coverorder just by pressing a key, while using investar. For this purpose I wrote a simple script in AutoHOT Key ,eg-


Click 100,1200
Sleep, 40

Send {Shift down}{F1 down}{Shift up}{F1 up}

Click 390,530
;Click 390,530
Send {10}
Sleep, 4240
MouseMove 590,230
Sleep, 5240
MouseMove 596,230
Send {Esc}
Send {F3}
Sleep, 4000
Click 1196,1
Click 160,1200

this automatically place coverorder buy then switch back to investar. It is working also , but my
doubt is whether this is legal ?

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