Comment on Pi - Final Beta Release

Noble commented on 25 Jan 2015, 01:17 AM

Hi Nithin,

The current version of Pi works great when you login from sleep mode esp in non trading hours. the previous version was bad in this case. It doesn’t ask for any authentication, which is a concern.

During trading hours, i had some issues with connectivity and when my internet was live, Pi showed the online status: red circle changed to green. i tried placing an order. it took about 5-7 secs for the order to show in order book in pending orders. don’t know what caused the delay.
again for the next order the same issue. then i had to login with ZT and trade.

The software is not as fast as ZT in terms of order placing..I mean it take more time to the show the order window after pressing shortcut keys.

after streaming live charts for couple of hours the response time of software reduces.
If i get any network connection issues, the software gets even slower . Once i relogin PI things are fine.
It seems PI is not handling network issues as good as ZT.

In between live streaming, there are lot of times Pi becomes inactive for a second or two.
when this happens over a number of times software becomes very slow. is this due to connectivity issues? I had checked in parallel with GFDL data on Ninja trader and it wasn’t paused. so guess this wasn’t my internet issue.

When streaming is live, price is quicker than GFDL data 🙂 Thanks for the infra upgrade.

i tried drawing lines, and once i applied a saved template the lines disappeared.

it is difficult to handle the drawing objects during live streaming. with every tick, selected object gets unselected.

Would you please check these observations?


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