Comment on Introducing Zerodha Fund House

C .V. Sabhahit commented on 31 Oct 2023, 07:25 PM

Although, future can never be guaranteed for returns by any AMC, based on the proven Ethics, Commitment and Pure Focus of Zerodha Team, coupled with Genuine, Integrated Expertise of Vishal Jain in better understanding the strength of Passive Funds, added with low pricing, there is quite a bit of Active Hope, in these new MFs, given the Earnest Interest already in place, in the larger community of investors! After all, Hope and Faith are only the two Active Immeasurable Co-ordinates for such an investment decision, notwithstanding too much contemplation on the credentials of any guaranteed returns, being the well percolated evident outcome of vagaries of the Market’s nature.
I would prefer to go for 250 Index Fund, with a long horizon.

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