Comment on Introducing "Varsity"

Sandip_Chougale commented on 24 Jan 2015, 02:53 PM

Hello Nithin Sir,

It was a delight being a part of Zerodha family. Amazing to see this new initiative. I wish you all the best & thank you very much for his initiative.
I would like to suggest you 2 things which will help to all beginners in stock market ocean.
1) Please define/provide the path or steps which will help beginners to become a good trader. Like what types of books need to read. What to read first?
2) How to control /overcome on Emotions / trading Physiology.

I have seen the IB (Interactive Brokers) trading platform. When can we expect the similar Zerodha software? We are ready to pay few amount for that but please take initiate to develope such software.
IB gives facility to trade live from charts & also keep trailing stop loss on charts itself. Quality of charts is extremely fantastic. Share Khan is also provide very good live charts.
Please give your feedback & comments about future plans on this.
Once again Thank you.

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