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Nithin Kamath commented on 24 Jan 2015, 12:12 PM

Karthik, Firstly the lead that came into our system had a different mobile number but the same email ID that you have used to post the comment. Our sales manager tried to reach you a couple of times on that number but was not reachable. Will get him to call you back on this asap.

Why Zerodha? It is just not about pricing, I guess in today’s world Rs 20 or Rs 15 doesn’t make any difference. Firstly we are probably the only profitable and debt free brokerage business in the entire low cost universe. Secondly, we are way ahead of other technologically: Q and Quant are probably the best reporting tools out there, Pi our new trading platform which is in beta has been getting rave reviews, Kite our yet to be released web based application will definitely turn heads, and there are 20 other reasons here. I can keep selling 😉

1. Documents you have is enough, the sales manager will help you out with this.
2. Yes, it is best to open a new demat with us. We will not be able to link your HDFC demat to Zerodha Trading and allow you to sell. This kind of setup linking to another demat is prone to short delivery mishaps.
3. Demat account including the first year AMC costs Rs 550.
4. DP transaction charges, click here to know more. is a flat Rs 14 for every debit instruction with us. Btw HDFC charges 0.04% or Rs 25 whichever is higher as dp charges.
5. Yes, ECS is not mandatory.
6. Yes margin trading is available for intraday. Check our margin calculator.

Will get someone to call you back asap.

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