Comment on Intro to "Q" - next generation backoffice system

coolblr commented on 24 Jan 2015, 01:49 AM


Can you please add:

1. Total Trade costs (Brokerage+Taxes+STT+Stamp) in tradebook for the trade?
2. Along with showing the heatmap for trading activity (Light to dark green, light being less traded, dark as in most traded), would be great if you could add another option when clicked shows the day where the equity curve has gone up/down from previous day, basically indicating profitable/loss day 🙂
3. An option to show the cumulative trading data contract wise (contract wise is already there, but cumulative data is not there), Lets say I search NIFTY15JANFUT, when selected cumulative it should show for all days cumulative data like Avg buy/sell amount, total trade costs, and ofcouse the heatmap will have two options, one which shows trading activity, another which shows profit/loss due to that trade.
4. Also, please add Day of week in the excel report or the report when clicked on show.

Just trying to improve and make an effective journal 🙂


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