Comment on Business updates: 13 years of Zerodha and why we do what we do

Tharun commented on 26 Sep 2023, 12:12 PM

Dear Zerodha, amazed & Inspired by your bootstrap growth, am a very small trader, i use zerodha only, i want to make an additional income in my life to survive and invest more, Can you pls say me if there is any thing that i can do from my home that will contribute to zerodha and my income, am that much passionated about zerodha and kamath brothers, i watched every interview of the brothers, i love their spititual inclination and their concept and attitude about money, also nithins constant awarness about health, death, balance years in life, happiness, peace, i subscribed to nithins channel as well, am soo inspired by these two, pls tell me if there is anyway i can help to contribute in the team, frm ma home, there by i can earn a few bucks from zerodha, that will be a huge accomblishment for me, am from kerala. ThanK you for inspiring aesthetically, spiritually to grow and be in peace asalways and reminding money isnt everything.

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