Comment on Business updates: 13 years of Zerodha and why we do what we do

Rahil Bhansali commented on 26 Sep 2023, 12:08 PM

An extremely candid update on where Zerodha stands vis-a-vis other brokerage houses & retail-only brokers. What I am most impressed by is your ability to stay true to your philosophy and value of doing what’s right by the consumer. I was jogging this morning and saw HDFC advertise a stock app with 0 account setup charges. Like them, many of your competitors have tried numerous ways to onboard the customer. Being bold and sticking to a 200 Rs charge requires serious thought and I think its the right way to go about business.

Here’s hoping the business continues to inspire us in the next decade. Btw – I remember you had once mentioned you could be 0 revenue for 13 years – has that number now increased?

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