Comment on Pi - Final Beta Release

Nithin Kamath commented on 23 Jan 2015, 03:47 PM

Coming to your serious issues:
1. copy pasting from before: there might be hundreds of ticks every second on the exchange. The marketwatch or the chart, can’t capture both. Typically most trading platforms in India use charts after the price is shown on the marketwatch and hence the charts usually lag. To ensure that this doesn’t happen on Pi, we are streaming data separately to marketwatch and chart, which means additional costs as we need to have multiple streaming servers.Since our setup is like this, it is possible that all ticks on your marketwatch and charts may not match. Especially when markets are volatile.
2. Price alerts, yes we are working on it.
3. User settings, marketwatch, you can change the fonts. Stopping blinking on marketwatch, 🙂 hmm.. this is the first request, but yeah we could give an option for that I guess.
4. Yes, we will give an option of beeps for order alerts .
5. Yes, you will have the saving layout thing by the final release.

Everything else Kars, hmm.. we have to do what we have to do, there are certain limitations we work with (if everything was as easy, brokerages in India with hundreds of crores of profits would have done something about it right?),and I can’t be discussing with our clients can I :). Thanks for taking the effort to write though. Hopefully by the time we are done, you will be happier. Cheers,

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