Comment on Pi - Final Beta Release

A.JEYARAJ commented on 21 Jan 2015, 06:52 PM

I re produce the content of your mail which is self explained where you have clearly mentioned that we can order from Amibroker. now you are telling something else

‘Firing order from Amibroker using AFL
To place orders, you have to create Pi bridge object using CreateStaticObject function (Amibroker function to create a global instance), and place orders using PlaceOrder function.

PlaceOrder(string pExchnge, string pTrdSymbol, string pSymbol, string pOrderId, short pOrderSide, int pInitialQty, int pDiscQty, double pLimitPrice, double pTriggerPrice, string pOrderType, string pProdType, string pClientCode, string pValidity)”

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