Comment on Pi - Final Beta Release

mm commented on 21 Jan 2015, 06:56 AM

Dear Nithin,
after spending good amount of time with Pi,its time to review about the ‘Life of Pi’

-Trade like a pro,thats what comes in mind first about Pi,excellent UI,more workspace.
-artificial intelligence,Consensus report adds confidence to trade.
-tabbed windows
-Professional looking charts(Not indicators)
-trade from chart
-launcher logo is fantastic
-quick login time.

-Indicators (i think ZT had good one with over bought/oversold colors with BOUNDARY LINES
eg,(CCI,RSI )i miss that.
-Pivot point ,sup/res as chart overlays.(i think pivot overlays are not present)few of my friends trading with tradetiger they use it well.such a important & basic intraday tool is missed out?
-supertrend not available,like many other traders im also worried.
-some indicators which has to be as chart overlays comes in bottom,such as BB etc.
– only one market watch

Pi has a long way to go in giving better updates as i hope you will implement the needs.pi is matchless with any other trader terminal,thats sure and you have achieved it.

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