Comment on Pi - Final Beta Release

keerthi commented on 20 Jan 2015, 05:43 PM

My ID is DK2751
I was holding Nifty 8700 Call 15000 positions. I wanted to square off all 15000 at the market rate. So I navigated to Admin positions and selected “net’ positions in “Pi”.
When I attempted to square off 15000, it gave warning that only 10000 can be squared at a time. So then, I entered 10000 and was able to square off successfully 10000 contracts. Then I selected “net positions” on admin positions in “pi” and tried to square off remaining 5000 contracts. To my shock and horror, instead of selling/square off, it did “buy” on another 5000 contracts!!!.
So in the end instead of square off of 15000 positions, I ended up owing 10000 contracts.
I wanted to know where I have gone wrong? and how to square off more than 10000 contracts in “pi”?. I am referring to overnight positions and not day positions

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