Comment on Pi - Final Beta Release

S.Vasudevan commented on 19 Jan 2015, 08:46 PM

Still not user friendly.Pop up sizing ….
Have a look at Pointer of ventura.
Right click on scrip should give all options–buy/sell,chart,scrip information ,news etc.
Right click market watch –all connected information-snap quote,….

Right click chart-all tech aspects ,indicators,type of chart,data period….

Minimal menu on market watch screen to enable max. usage of space for multiple charts etc.

Order book,trader book,order window,admin positions etc compact and easily resizable

On no account price details should be obstructed in screen except may be when viewing chart in full screen mode–even here cmp high low close ask bid details should be on top of chart.

Black back ground with white lettering as presently available options not very good.

What I want is hassle free user friendly platform even for lay man and aged man who need not remember which is where. What I see now is a techie’s delight but for others…..

Some of these were in ZT

Hoping you will spare some time to understand my thoughts rather than just say all are ok …… and justify


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