Comment on PI – OVERVIEW AND FEEDBACK - Part 2

Saurabh commented on 19 Jan 2015, 01:36 AM

Hi Nitin,

Congratulations on the launch of Pi. Though there are so many discount brokers in the market but zerodha is the one with the edge. Though I am having som issues with Pi regarding hang ups and restart, I am sure they would get resolved with the launch of final version.

Some suggstions:

1) When you keep your pointer to a candle in chart, It should show High,Low, close and open values along with time stamp. This is a big let down as I need to keep guessing the values.
2) In the technical indicators drop down, there is no option of going to the indicator by pressing the first alphabet, so you need to keep pressing down the down arrow.

I could think of only these two as of now which means you have done a good job 🙂


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