Comment on Pi - Final Beta Release

Prasad.dh commented on 18 Jan 2015, 03:46 PM

Hello PI team,
I am using pi application for the first time and I am very excited to see how use full it will be and what extra I can do and will be me to trade more effective and efficient.
I know first time users need to spend lot more time with pi to and use it more affectively.
Before that I have some concerns with my one time use.
1- Effective Space utilization.

My screen resolution is 1366 x 768.
there are one line space between the control vertical, for example cover order screen (buy/sell), span quote screen, Admin positions, order book, Trade book.
There additional line of space seems to take most of the space on my screen which could have been used most elegantly.

this could be minimized as much as possible to present as much as info with taking up as little space as possible. At the end of the all we need is the information and ease of utilization than Presentation.
I have faced difficulty while placing or closing my Cover order position. For this I need to see my complete Chat (without hiding any part of chart right side), order book and Snap quote window, and if possible admin positions window. Frankly it was very difficult to manage this.
Simply opening up the snap quote window has hidden most of the things on the screen.

2- Making the optional item and filter element on the top of screen as collapsible item will help a lot to utilize the space to the max. Example: admin position screen etc..
3- I pop out market watch and other widow with “pop out active dindow”, from the popped out market watch tried to place a cover order and could not get a focus on the cover order window to change any values, was not able to change price or position size. It seems like curser focus was constantly shifting focus to mail window or some other popped out char or other active widow.
Wish I could give exact scenario, don’t have that much time to analize.
4- It seems we get voice notification when I place or close a position, that good future.
I has some 3 intraday position (cover order) placed on one script and all three where with same stop trigger. What I expect is that all price trigger to be activated at the same time when price has hit the trigger price (will be executed at market price).
But once one position was hit, there was a voice notification confirming on action taken for once order( took about some 5 second), while other 2 order where not closed instantly. It was same for other 2 remaining orders. For all of them to close it took around 10 to 15 second.
That’s was concerning to me.

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