Comment on PI – OVERVIEW AND FEEDBACK - Part 2

santoshpadhy commented on 17 Jan 2015, 11:37 PM

Hi Nithin

still alerts are not working and the root cause I think is that the alert linked chart which is opening automatically when we start the alert is not getting data automatically—it just freezes after opening—–I told this to siva, but he is saying why do you need the alert chart!!!!

He is not patient like you to listen and understand things. as per me the simple ligic is that when alert chart will not get data aotomatically –then how can it does its function properly???

I had lot of hopes to see at least the basic things like alerts and scanners to be perfect in the final beta release (becsuse these two aspects only primarily makes PI distinctive from other softwares available in Indian market freely to the traders), but sadly no improvements at all in these two aspects.

Hope to listen from you with things got done and dusted!!!



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