Comment on Pi - Final Beta Release

Abhay commented on 16 Jan 2015, 06:30 PM

As far as the user interface is concerned, the new version is pretty much the same. Quite disappointed as i feel the interface (market-watch, charts) is a few steps behind even Zerodha trader ( not including artificial intelligence section). Please let me know if the following options can be incorporated in the final version:

1) Option to change time-frames in the opened chart itself ( like nest charts) rather than opening multiple charts of the same scrip. This should really be a priority as it will be easy on resources for both the client and your data servers, as i’m pretty sure traders will be opening multiple charts of the same scrip for different time-frames.
2) Option to save layout ( like Ami) , with charts opening in their respective positions whenever we login in a multi-monitor setup , instead of popping out charts and dragging them every morning.
3) A default chart template (saved) should be automatically applied to new charts ( like Nest charts), instead of loading the template for each and every chart.
4) limit orders on “quick order” windows should also be added in addition to market orders. Day-traders can’t afford to keep hitting the market all the time when trading from charts.
5) option to change limit order price in the pop-up window when ordering from charts( by right-click , not quick order window). very difficult and eye-straining to click on the precise price point where order has to be placed.
Otherwise, the whole purpose of trading from charts is defeated.
6) Option to increase font-size of market-indices window (like index-value bar in ZT). its so tiny that almost everyone will start wearing specs before the final release of Pi 🙂
7) Don’t understand the purpose of saving charts on disk and then loading the saved charts . It does save the indicators and chart drawings but the prices and candles do not update in the loaded charts. prices show only till when the chart was saved.
8) Option to save chart drawings ( can be taken care of if the above option is resolved)
9) “snap to prices ” for trendlines and an option to extend them.
10) option to customise market watch- should atleast match ZT.
11) Dual snap- quote windows ( like ZT ) will again be useful

thankfully u guys have resolved the data problems by upgrading your servers but Pi has a long way to go before it becomes user-friendly and a great tool for day-traders. Sticking to ZT for the time-being…

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