Comment on Pi - Final Beta Release

Girija commented on 16 Jan 2015, 04:36 PM

My review after first use.
1) Nice software.stable. works fine. relaxed from horrible hanging,ZT
2) Multiple chart – time frame cannot be problem.An option for drag a symbol to chart to display chart of the particular symbol may made available.
3)First not found any way to bring back the poped up window to main screen- any way after exiting the popup window appeared in main window. Nice.
4)I got shocked a lady speaks in between as my computer was connected to a subwoofer system and volume was good. Nice trade execution alert.


1) When order is placed it asking for confirmation window appears. That can be avoided to reduce repetitive stress injury(RSI). same goes to modify- I want to modify my order, the software can not able to understood that I want to modify my order. So it asking me ‘do you want to modify’?
2)a lot of musical tones were heard and not understood, may be stop loss order was pending.
3) execution error already emailed to Zerodha support. Still able to continue without problem.(Not crashed).
4) First day( as market was steady after a big move) occurred some loss.

Overall good effort by Zerodha . Keep it Up! Bravo Zulu.!

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