Comment on Pi - Final Beta Release

manju commented on 16 Jan 2015, 04:10 PM

1. See the 12 15 mcx crude candle. It looks like Ayyappa swamy Makara Jyoti in the blank sky! Or did it actually trade like this.
2. Todays USD chart incomplete.
3. The interface is posh and all but it is short of even what a basic version should offer. For example, do you really have to open a new chart if i want a new timeframe or a new symbol. How do i see the candle values. I think i should hold the candle, but sometimes even that is of no use. Sometimes the charts act weird. I suggest you to take AMI as reference and work out the issues. I dont need to expalin how the above issues/features are dealt in Ami. You know better than me. How smooth is AMI!
You guysve worked hard to get to here. Thanks for that. All in all, when you can match Ami’s capabailites, you are done. Till then continue working. Either ways i feel the final release shouldve covered the issues above bcoz they are too basic. Good luck.

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