Comment on Pi - Final Beta Release

vinesh kumar commented on 16 Jan 2015, 04:07 PM

nithin ji
i want to point out some deficiences in PI which i fell after two days of use
1= Pi is still using a lot -lot-lot of bandwidth( nearly 6-8 times more ) as compared to ZT .
2= after adding scripes 1by1 the refresh rate of scripes increases( i.e scripes rates update very slowly)
3=default saved template for user is still not there for charts
4=last used profile for market watch and column profile is still missing ( i.e we can not set our width for any column in any window)
5= MOST IMPORTANT= when oder window is open price/quantity can not be changed by key board arrow or mouse scroll button they have to be entered manually
6= when F1/F2 is pressed again and again it do not take updated price from market watch in oder entry window.
7=there is no short cut key to modify /cancell the pending orders from keyboard( like shift+F2/F3 for modify and cancell order)
due to these draw backs i feel TO BE BEATEN DOWN in the market time, as i am not able to post my order quickly, if it is not executed then modify or cancelling it also bit slow process .
these things do create a lot more headache while market is volitile and every millisecond is count and PI walk as an elephant ( ticks refreshes with 2-3 seconds lag behind) during that time .
please resolve these issues

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