Comment on Pi - Final Beta Release

PT commented on 16 Jan 2015, 02:54 PM

Many Congratulations to Team Zerodha, This is fantastic start.

Software is like a Scotch, it matures with time . I am sure so will Pi. There are obviously many things missing in current version but I am impressed with what I have seen so far.
Also it finally fixed the bug (Zerodha support team never agreed its a bug lol) in Admin Position screen I can finally see actual buying price in Pi, on NEST or web version it shows closing price of previous trading day as my avg buy price 🙂

Is there is support group to ask /suggest features?

For starters,

Error I see :- Opened GBP/INR chart (5 mins and 15) but its not showing all candles of toay, only showing one candle every time I open it with open time as 9 am. Though Nifty futures chart looks good.

1) would be nice to scroll the chart to left/right using mouse instead of just arrow keys
2) Hover on candle doesn’t show its data(open time, high,low etc) needs to hold and move the mouse.
3) Right click on chart should give options to change time frame
4) Daily/weekly time frame in progress for next release?
5) No Moving AVG options?

-A Happy Customer 🙂

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