Comment on Pi - Final Beta Release

Santosh commented on 15 Jan 2015, 08:41 PM

***Posting again, since there was no response***

Hi Nithin,

I have got the Pi today. It is very user friendly and ppl will be able to trade and access other features very easily. Need to check it in detail.

One major problem I face with trading s/w is the requirement of opening non-standard ports in the network. I think this problem is faced by many users who work from office and want to trade using s/w. And the network admin in the office would not open these ports.

Currently I see that the below ports need to be opened. 35005 35003

If you are willing to resolve this issue, the following are possible options.

1. Change the ports on which the servers listen to commonly open ports like 80, 443.
If the above is not possible
2. If these are Linux based servers, use “iptables” to redirect incoming traffic to the ports on which the server is listening i.e. to 35005, 35003. If it is not Linux, I am sure there are similar tools available for windows servers too.

Hope this problem is faced by many users. It might be worth considering to fix this.


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