Comment on Pi - Final Beta Release

Chethan Rai commented on 15 Jan 2015, 04:52 PM

Hi Nitin,

Thanks for providing PI access.

Could you please clarify on the below points,

1, Do we need to open separate charts for each scripts?, cant we open one chart and the existing chart will keep changing , as and when we click on the different scripts from the market watch?

2, Cant we change the time frames / periodicity ( ie. 1 ,5 ,15,30 mts on the existing opend chart? or do we need to open separate individual charts for each time frames for the same one script?

3, how to save the parameters / technical indicators plotted on the opened chart? so that we need not plot the same indicators each time when we open the charts next time.


Chethan Rai.
RC 0547

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