Comment on Pi - Final Beta Release

Riddhi commented on 14 Jan 2015, 10:01 PM


Thank you for releasing Pi to us.I got the access key and mail confirmation.

For those who had trouble installing Pi in Windows 8,

1.While installing Pi will try to download VC ++ 2008 and VC++ 2010 and will probably fail.If that happens you may probably go to links given installation files and download from there.But that didn’t happen in my case.

2.My suggestion wait for pi trying to download it first.When it fails it will generate an error message.In that error message copy the link given for that VC++ and paste it in your browser to get the download link.Download but don’t install.

3.Check whether other newer versions already present in machine and uninstall them by CCleaner or remove programs.

4.Then install them one by one.Then try to install Pi.

It took me sometime to figure it out.

By the way although installation is complete it is throwing “Can’t access remote server” message.Any idea?

Riddhi P Dutta

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