Comment on Code your Technical Analysis strategy

taruj commented on 24 May 2013, 06:42 AM

referring to SASIMENON on May 8 2013, 10:44 pm.
A stoploss % is essential or we can keep it blank.?

Can you please explain further?

if I (using Algoz) have taken a position for BNF @ 12500 and I set SL as 4% it will sqr off the position at 12000?

I am trying to put my proposed strategy across. Pure Intraday trades.

Time Frame: 15 Min

Long Position: 5 EMA crosses over 10 WMA (Buy at MKT)
Stop Loss: Previous Candle Low

TSL: Previous Candle Low
Short Position: 10 WMA crosses over 5 EMA ( Short at MKT)
Stop Loss: Previous Candle High
TSL: Previous Candle High


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