Comment on Charting- Adding Multiple Indicators

Hanan commented on 21 May 2013, 08:06 AM

Manoj, I think you want to know the number of shares that were traded for a stock at a certain price? I think this is what they call ‘Time & Sales’ data on Nasdaq. We call it vWap statistics or Hourly statistics or even Data Table. You have to right click on your market watch and select the option Tools. In Tools, please select vWap Statistics. It’ll show you the prices it traded for in a given minute. As a broker, Zerodha automatically gives you this data for 22 trading days at any given point. If you want more data, you have to save it or buy it from professional data vendors.

We presume this is what you’d like to know. If you think you had a different question, please elaborate so we can help you.

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