Comment on Managing your Script

Sitaram commented on 20 May 2013, 04:33 PM

Hi Zerodha,

We have some queries.
1. Suppose Data1=SBIN and Data2=NIFTY (Say).
I want write a code like Variable1=correlation(data1,data2,50); //50 is barsback
if variable1>.3 and close>ema(close,50) then buy at this bar.
My Question is that,
How can I defined the function “correlation” if it is inbuilt?
If i want create a own function , is it possible? if yes, How?

2. How i can change the back testing time duration, there is given only 22 days.

3. Your strategy is based in which language…C++, Easy language or any other….and we can test your strategy on other plateform like trade station or multi charts…….

4. In your nest pluse software Indian VIX data or chart not available.

Please replay ASAP, If any clareification, Let me know…..


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