Comment on PI – OVERVIEW AND FEEDBACK - Part 2

George P commented on 11 Jan 2015, 02:44 PM

Dear Ramdas Ji , You dont need to feel scary , this x balance you can use for trading also , 🙂 I hope that Nithin will keep this x amount nominal … As Nithin has clearly told 1 brokarage , 1 RMS plan , from his above posts you can clearly see he encouraging you to do trade more with Pi ….. dont worry Nithin knows better than anyone of here who is a active trader …. a person may do trading daily like a scalper or he may do trading every 4 – 5 days like a swing / positional trader …. Or he/she may be an investor who use Pi just look at the performance of the equity …. NIthin knows this well …. Keep the trust on him …….End of the day he made Pi for us and spend a hefty amount to build Pi …. if you are not using Pi or taking the advantage Pi’s charting and placing trade on some other terminal whats the point of making Pi … I am requesting Nithin please release it everyone and hope that Pi will be bug free this time ….. Then you also dont need to worry THEM …. 🙂
We are all are doing businesses here . Point is how lovingly and how supportive we are to each other. Zerodha needs us likewise we also need Zerodha , like a family. Its not a one day affair . Happy trading . 🙂

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