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Sajith commented on 11 Jan 2015, 02:10 PM

I am very new to Zerodha , just got my trading password yesterday. However i am not new to trading. I have around 15 years of exp with stocks and FNO trading.

This is my first impression about Zerodha after checking the trading platform yesterday.

From a brokerage perspective Zerodha do offer a very compelling proposition. ( I was with 300000L plan with icici direct and i almost got a head spin after i calculated the brokerage i spend for last one year 🙂 ).

However from a trading platform perspective after checking the Z5 html trading platform i do have some recommendations. Not sure if any of your other trading platforms have what i am looking . However this could be too early as i still have not done my first trade with it.

1) Complex screen with too much of information stuffed in a single page just like a burger (Both are not good for peaceful life )

I am not a frequent trader (like a jobber , who makes many small volume trades ). All i do is say 10/15 high value trades in a month. like say buy 3000 Nifty 8000Put (say 120 lots) and may be square it off after 15/20% gain (or loss 🙂 ).
I really do not care also about streaming / as i do not intent to check the price every second. If i want to see my portfolio i am even happy to use my mouse and click the refresh button.

2) Some simple individual screens , each doing its own function . Every thing on the same page. Say for example individual pages for the following
1. Buying / Selling
2. Seeing all the option values( last traded ) in a single page.
3. My Portfolio which shows how much i am gaining / loosing ( most of the time i will be here )
– Here you stream it or not i do not care as long as you provide a refresh button.
4. All Open positions ( With a drop down with product types like Futures / options / All etc)

So all in all some simple screens ( i really do not think it should be black also 🙂 ).

May be the hangover of icici direct is still with me . However it is not complex after all 🙂

Let me know what you think and if you do have such a product do let me know.

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