Comment on PI – OVERVIEW AND FEEDBACK - Part 2

vinesh kumar commented on 11 Jan 2015, 09:56 AM

dear nithin ji
i am very much impressed with the words of mr george P in above post, i do very much feel in my heart same love and respect for zerodha and you , not because of your brokerage ,but because of your prompt reply , care for client ,and eagerness to resolve the problem of your clients. which is 3-4 steps behind in other brokers . so please don’t let these things meshed with others. A TRUE LEADER DO NOT COMPARE ITSELF WITH OTHERS.
in respect of your defination of ACTIVE TRADER i have some points , and suggestion .
please have a look on these two cases
CASE 1= small trader/new trader= open a trade in ZINCM/LEADM/COPPERM/NICKELM/SLIVERMIC and square it before market close ,
frequency = daily one trade
trades in month=10-12 DAYS in a month
total turnover = 20-25 lac
brokerage generated= rs 250 (as per your brokerage calculator)
CASE 2= swing trader = open a trade in market on MONDAY- TUESDAY in 10 LOTS of NIFTY and square it on THU-FRI and spend a happy weekend with family
frequency= 1-2 trade weekly
trades in month=whole month
total turnover= 2-2.5 crore
brokerage generated =rs 240 ( for 6 trade)
both traders are full time traders in market but not able to generate RS 300 , so how would you call them that they are not active . in my knowledge the previous defination of active trader by you was that ACTIVE TRADER = those who open 5 trades in a month with you,
so , my suggestion is that please do not stuck with generation of RS 300 only ,please provide some more flexiblity in the defination of active trader, like that
1> generate minimum brokerage of RS 250 per month
2> trade 10 days with you
3> maintain 15-20k balance in his trading a/c
please consider my views in this respect.
i also want to say that putting some condition for the use of a software which is still in its infancy is not good , let it used by existing users , develop it , make it powerful,bugfree,let it grow and then put some condition.
BUT any how , if you do not agree with my points then this is my humble request to you to reduce initial condition of RS 300 brokerage cum software charges to RS 200-250 to qualify us active trader

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