Comment on Introducing Kill Switch

Nikunj commented on 05 Mar 2023, 01:04 PM


Capital protection

1. A feature that does not allow you to risk more than a set % of the Captial at a given time (eg. Intraday),
or manually set MTM Limit % (Loss/Profit) which will automatically deactivate the segment once the Limit triggers.
This feature can significantly change the Percentage of the loser/winner ratio in overall traders.

Expecting early delivery of this feature said Zerodha.


We are now working on setting up Kill Switch to automatically trigger based on a predefined loss or drawdown level set by you. We are also working on allowing you to define the maximum order and position sizes for every instrument as a percentage of your overall trading capital. This is to help you avoid taking large positions due to anxiety induced by greed or fear when trading.


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