Comment on Understanding the new margin pledge system — effective Aug 1, 2020

rvr commented on 08 Feb 2023, 12:25 AM

I understand. But my point is that if the6 pledged shares are taken first and then replaced by the free holdings, then my realised profit will be in the red. A big loss. If not it would be a profit. That’s my concern and my profits have never been inthe red for thepast 20 years yearwise.
Second replacing it only at the quantity level or both the quantity and price level also. If it is quantity there would be no issues with pledged shares showing 6@2150 but it is shows 6 @ a lesser average price my net realised gain would be show a real loss and not book loss. I just now saw your reply . But today I purchased another lot of 20 shares ,converted into CNC and with doubt in my mind by sold the same which would definitely be taken as intraday transaction and not affecting my pledged shares. I could not find a clear cut circular regarding “Extra Purchase and sale of the same shares with old ones pledged earlier”.
Third, how can the pledge be released without my consent unless there is a breach of margin.

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