Comment on PI – OVERVIEW AND FEEDBACK - Part 2

Riddhi commented on 10 Jan 2015, 05:35 PM


As far as mail from Siva goes ,he mailed me that I would be getting Pi on 12th jan.From the look of it,probably won’t be happening.No point crying over spilled milk.
Paying fees for using Pi would be acceptable,but then I hope payment gateway would be smooth and Pi would be enabled much quicker than “email and wait” process.
The problem is for those of us who have already paid costly data packages and now need to trade compulsorily or fork up data cost again for Pi.My current annual subscription for real time data still has 5 months at least.So,its a bit messy for us right now who actually has rtd package.Thank god I didn’t subscribe for F&O and MCX.
Secondly, if usage of Pi is charged, people will clamour for heads if server goes down.Hope Zerodha is aware of that.
For those who are scalpers it is absolutely important to trade from chart.So Pi would have solved the problem beautifully.But awaiting three weeks is a buzzkill and probably won’t be trading ZT cause opening ZT and RTD chart is a problem in laptop screen.
Active traders who already beta tested has got a feel of Pi.But please release it to dormant(?) traders as quickly possible.And before charging fees please allow at least two months time after releasing Pi.

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