Comment on Zerodha - Margin Policies

AnilKumar commented on 19 May 2013, 07:02 AM

Hello Team Zerodha,
You have been evading answering this for a while. I hope you would own the responsibility of assuring your clients that.they can trade with confidence relying upon margin calculation interface of your trading platform. Please realize that not answering is not an option.
Can you confirm the following that :
1. Your trading platform takes care of stipulated margin requirements when a trader places order in FNO for taking overnight positions?
2. Trader need not worry when your trading platform shows enough acredit balance at the end of trading hours (3:30pm) while the margin statement generated in the evening (around 7pm) shows a much lower credit balance (or even a small debit balance) and next day morning trading platform again shows enough credit balance?
Here by ‘enough’ I mean about 8-10% of total funding available in the trading account.
Thanks & Regards,
Anil Kumar

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