Comment on PI – OVERVIEW AND FEEDBACK - Part 2

Sutha commented on 09 Jan 2015, 11:51 PM

Nithin, since you were a trader, lets see this from a traders’ perspective.
inactive traders are a different story. but traders rendered inactive due to a frequently hanging trading terminal are entirely a different story.
if you were providing a smooth terminal all along and say that only active people will get pi, it is justifiable, acceptable and others will continue with their existing one.
what we were provided was a frequently hanging/stopping/freezing/whatever terminal to which the technical department had no answers trade with such a terminal itself needs a separate skillset and temperament. and still you expect people to be active.
Come on. look from reality point of view. if the terminal was faulty beyond repair, is it fair to pin the blame on the trader for being inactive? and if it happened for few days or a week, your stand might be acceptable. instead it is nearly two months.
Can you accept if you were in our position?.. will you waste three more weeks just because the brokerage house could not identify or rectify the problem with your existing terminal? while others who were lucky to have their ZT functional get Pi in addition.
even after reading this, if you still feel justified with your stand, please give us an answer how should we trade until we get Pi. and three weeks is no mean timeframe. For the first time i feel let down by you.
BTW i donot want to take the credit away from you. you guys do an excellent job and ZT before strip down & update was very nice. it will be nice after Pi release. but you owe us an answer, for us who ZT poses problems.

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