Comment on PI – OVERVIEW AND FEEDBACK - Part 2

RK commented on 09 Jan 2015, 08:01 PM

Hi Nithin,

I guess Nest chart issue started on Nov 5 after their update to V and ZT problem started on 5 Dec after the critical update ,so for the past 2 months many of the active traders probably stopped trading with these issues,So giving Pi based on active clients is not fair.

And for people, who recently opened their accounts also would probably waiting for Pi to start their trading so they cant qualify as active trader,please give preference to them.

Previously you told Pi will be randomly given to 500 – 1000 clients, now you came up with this active client criteria. I can understand that Pi will be out to everyone slowly may be of scalability issues.But it will be fine if the system randomly select clients rather than this “active client” thing.


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